A Food Fanatic & Fantans – Two Ways

by Kate on January 30, 2013

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I’ve mentioned on a few different occasions here recently that I’m blatantly ignoring of the fact that I’m supposed to be slowing down. On top of whatever baking projects I choose to make for myself, just because I want to, I also am an active participant in several cooking/baking groups. I am proud to be a part of BakeTogether, The Secret Recipe Club, The Daring Bakers, Twelve Loaves, First on the First, BundtaMonth, Improv Challenge, Monthly Miettes, AND Muffin Monday! Phew! Now do you see why I keep talking about taking a step back? The problem is that I truly love all these groups I’m a part of. Each one provides me a unique challenge or chance to be creative.

Not only that but I love the people I work with in each of these groups. The food community is such a wonderful thing to be a part of. We’re inspired by others work and support one another. How could I not want to totally immerse myself in every aspect of such an amazing community? Even if I sometimes think I’ve taken on too much, I just can’t bear to part with any of these people. So I’m officially done talking about slowing down and I’ve decided I’m embracing chaos!

Peach Lavender Fantans 1 - FoodBabbles.com #bread @KDBabbles

Truth be told, I’m taking on two new projects! Both stem from my love of baking bread. The first is that I’ve decided to bake along with the Bread Baking Babes as a Bread Baking Babes Buddy. Each month one of the babes will post a recipe for us to follow or adapt. This month’s inspiration came from the kitchen of Elle at Feeding My Enthusiasms. She challenged us to try our hand at a shaping technique that I’d never done before by making Fantans.


These little sweet breads are made by stacking layers of dough and fanning them out so that when they bake up well, they look all “fanned out.” For my version I chose to do two different versions, both sweet but that’s not to say that a savory version wouldn’t be AH-MAZING! That’s next on my list, because these are so good I know I’ll be making them time and time again. The first batch was Cinnamon Sugar Fantans while the others are Peach Lavender Fantans. I have a love affair with Sunchowder’s Emporia and Wendy’s Peach Lavender Jam makes each thing I add it to something special, something to be savored. This bread is no exception. The cinnamon sugar ones were devoured even faster than the peach lavender though. These were like layered cinnamon rolls and tasted best still warm out of the oven. (As if I could have waited for them to cool off to try them!)

Cinnamon Sugar Fantans 1 - FoodBabbles.com #bread @KDBabbles

So right about now, I know you’re saying “I need to make these!” Yes, you do. Which brings me to my next announcement and this is a BIG ONE! I’m so happy to announce the launch of Food Fanatic , a new food and recipe site where yours truly has been invited to write as a contributor. I must admit I’m a little starstruck. This fine group consists of people who I’ve followed over the years and have been in awe of. I feel so proud to be a part of this amazing project and grouped with these amazing cooks, bakers, writers and photographers. Food Fanatic has so many talented contributors ready to share with you their stories, expertise, and of course, there will be food!

Each contributor will have their own little corner of Food Fanatic, their niche. I’m sure we’ll all blend and cross over a bit from time to time, but for my little piece of the fanatical experience I’ll be focusing my talents on bread baking. Which means twice a month I’ll be sharing yeasty goodness, delightful quick breads and all sorts of bread creations. So to kick off this party, today I share with you Fan Tan Rolls. Come say hello to all these creative, gifted writers and cooks and read more about these Fan Tan Rolls Recipe now!



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