Cherry Cream Crumb Cake

by Kate on July 27, 2015

Cherry Cream Crumb Cake -
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Summer produce is some of my very favorite. Strawberries, blueberries, stone fruit, oh my! But when I scan the farmers market looking for fresh seasonal fruits, it’s the appearance of cherries that really make my heart skip a beat. Each year as those plump, red cherries begin to arrive in the markets I’m heartbroken because at a whopping $7.00 a pound I can’t start scooping them right up.

I not so patiently wait, each week looking longingly at those little gems. But as the season moves on and cherries become an abundance I jump for joy as that price steadily drops to a more affordable price. At that point, you better believe I’m buying a ton of them!

Cherries & Cream Crumb Cake -

Cherries aren’t something that last long in our house. My girls devour them with a ravenous appetite you wouldn’t believe belongs to such little people. As for me, I’m more prone to turning my cherries into baked goods or desserts. My all-time favorite cherry recipe is by far my Cherry Chocolate Eton Mess. Homemade vanilla bean meringues are crumbled and tucked in between layers of drunken Amaretto cherries, chopped dark chocolate and fresh whipped cream. It’s utterly aaaah-mazing!

As far as cherry baked goods go, this Cherry Cream Crumb Cake has skyrocketed to the very top of the list at our house. Moist, dense loaf cake is topped with dollops of sweetened cream cheese, sweet fresh cherries and a hearty sprinkle of crumb topping.

This little loaf isn’t overly sweet which makes it perfect for a special breakfast treat. It’s equally fantastic in the afternoon with a cup of coffee or tea. You’ll want a nice thick slice of this sweet cherry bread no matter when you dig into it. I’m sure much like our home, this crumb cake won’t last long in your house either so be sure to give this Cherry Cream Crumb Cake Recipe a try!

Cherries & Cream Crumb Cake -



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