Candied Jalapeños

by Kate on May 26, 2015

Candied Jalapeños -
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If you’re a fan of spicy foods, boy do I have a treat for you! Jalapeños are a fan favorite in the realm of spicy foods. They can be enjoyed in so many different ways. Sure, jalapeños make an amazing addition to salsa but they can be so much more. Jalapeño poppers, classic appetizer and bar food. Poppers are perfect for the day of the big game. Macaroni and cheese lovers? Jalapeños add a little heat to that creamy, cheesy classic deliciousness. Adding some jalapeños to your ground beef mix to make the most amazing burgers.

But if you’re a true, diehard jalapeño fan then these candied jalapeños are something that need to happen in your kitchen. These bad boys are beyond easy to make. One pot, a whole bunch of spicy jalapeño peppers and you’re good to go. Candied jalapeños are the epitome of sweet heat.

Candied Jalapeños - FoodBabbles.comAs a big fan of sweets with spice, it’s a flavor profile I’m constantly experimenting with. Mango Habanero Popsicles were meant with trepidation at first when presented to family and friends then met with surprised affirmations of deliciousness. Spicy chocolate is always a good time which is why Double Chocolate Cayenne Cookies are a great way to enjoy sweet heat too!

These Candied Jalapeños are a mix of that sweet and heat. Enjoy these jalapeños on top of juicy hamburgers, as a snack on top of cheese and crackers, tucked into a turkey sandwich or even is a cocktail or as a garnish. These jalapeños are bathed in a tangy, sweet, spicy, savory syrup that adds amazing flavor to steaks, burgers or chicken breasts on the grill so you get even more bang for your buck! Straight out of the jar is how I’ve enjoyed these candied jalapeños most but that just made me want to put them on everything I possibly could. I know you’ll agree and want to make this candied jalapeños recipe again and again.

Candied Jalapeños -



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