NJ Lottery & Other Easy Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List This Holiday Season!
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**Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by New Jersey Lottery through my relationship with Blog Meets Brand. I was provided with tickets by the New Jersey Lottery and compensated for this post however, all opinions expressed here are my own. Disclaimer: You must be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket. Parents are urged to think twice about gifting lottery tickets to children. The New Jersey Lottery reminds players, it’s only a game…remember to play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1800-GAMBLER®. For more information visit New Jersey Lottery**







The turkey has been eaten and practically before the dishes are even cleaned and put away, the world is in a frenzy, moving right onto the mayhem of holiday shopping. Black Friday descends upon all the stores and people elbow each other out of the way, trampling one another to get that hot ticket item. But not me, my friends. Not me.

I’m not a fan of shopping on a regular day unless perhaps it’s from the comfort of my pajamas from behind a keyboard. So you definitely won’t find me battling the masses for the best deal. This year I’m looking to keep gift giving easy, inexpensive but still thoughtful and unique. There are so many ideas that will be sure to be loved by everyone on your list this year.


Handcrafted spice mixes will be adored by the cook or baker in your life. A cute mug is always appreciated. This snow globe-effect, glittery iPhone case is everything for the smartphone obsessed or a slate cheeseboard in the shape of the good ol’ US of A makes a unique gift that won’t break the bank.

During my search for a stress free gift buying experience this year, I was super psyched to find out that the New Jersey Lottery is introducing 4 new Holiday Instant Games! I love scratch offs. There’s nothing better than when I reach into my stocking or open a holiday card to find that little ticket tucked inside.

I love the wonder that it conceals. Will I win this time? Will it be $5 that I then go by another New Jersey Lottery instant game with? Or will it be $500? $5,000?? It’s really an awesome feeling of never knowing what that game may hold.

This year  you can buy the new $1 Holiday Luck game, $2 gets you Holiday Luck Times 10 and you’ll also find $5 Jingle Bills and $10 Cash in a Flash. These holiday themed instant games are fun, festive, and perfect for anyone on your list. They make wonderful stocking stuffers, party favors or just because you want to do something nice for someone in your life during the holidays.

They’re just like opening a wonderful gift! You never know what you’ll find inside, the suspense and thrill of scratching off to find out if you’re a big winner! The best part is there’s no wrapping required so they are easy to give or send to family and friends. These holiday instant games from the New Jersey Lottery are easy to buy at any local lottery retailer making it a simple, stress free gift buying, as well as gift giving experience. No running, elbowing or trampling required!

NJ Lottery

New Jersey Lottery holiday instant games are a great gift for the holidays. Bring them to the holiday office party, the secret Santa with your family or gift them to the people in your life like you trainer at the gym, your hair stylist or mailman! With different themes, everyone on your list will love these holiday instant games.

You can even make these new New Jersey Lottery holiday instant games into a beautiful gift basket or hang them on your tree for your holiday party and have each guest pick one as a parting gift. There are so many ways to give these new instant tickets this holiday season. Whenever I’m scooping up some instant games for family and friends, I always remember to pick up a few of them for myself too! What would you do if you won on a NJ Lottery Holiday Instant ticket?



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