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by Kate on November 19, 2013

Food Babbles ZipList Partner

So I have no delectable sweets for you today, no recipes, no mouthwatering pictures but what I DO have for you is about the make your experience here on Food Babbles an even better one! I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve partnered with ZipList to make your recipe collecting, grocery shopping and overall Food Babbles experience an easier one.

Food Babbles ZipList Partner

ZipList allows you to not only print your recipes, but makes it easier for you to save your favorite recipes in an online recipe box and even add ingredients to a shopping list with just one click! But it’s not just Food Babbles recipes, ZipList has an incredible line up of sites that they have partnered with such as Martha Stewart, Women’s Day, Kitchen Daily, Epicurious or your other favorite food blogs. To save a Food Babbles recipe just look for the “Save Recipe” button on every recipe here. It’s that easy!

Food Babbles ZipList Partner

Perhaps you’ve notice two new menu options for you across the navigation bar here on Food Babbles. Those are for you! You can access your Recipe Box and Grocery List right from my site and that’s where you can go to take advantage of all of the great tools that ZipList offers. You can set up an account if you do not already have one, and then start saving recipes from your favorite sites, as well as add them to your shopping list or meal planner. Quickly sort favorite recipes by source, ingredients or cook time. Add recipes to your meal planner queue or plan them for a specific day to stay organized.

Food Babbles ZipList Partner

Clicking on Recipe Box will take you to your own personalized recipe box where you can access any recipes you have saved from Food Babbles or any other site where you’ve saved recipes. When you’re on this page you are actually on the ZipList site but if you’d like to return to perusing recipes over here, simply click Home and you’re back!

Food Babbles ZipList Partner

Save recipes, plan your shopping trips, organize your grocery list and even use ZipList with their free mobile apps. Yes! There’s an app for that! So when you’re in a waiting room or waiting outside for your kids to come out of school, you can be planning meal ideas while on the go. These new features make it a breeze to save deliciousness with just the click of a button. To learn more about ZipList, check out their How It Works page.



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