Vegan Croissants

by Kate on March 28, 2016

Vegan Croissants -

Baking bread is a regular occurrence in our home. These days, even my little girls know how to mix up dough and how to knead. We love making Hard Poppy Seed Rolls to go with our dinner or to make sandwiches for our lunches. But when it comes to bread, there are few baked goods that I enjoy more than a warm croissant. Buttery, flaky, golden croissants. Plain or with a simple smear of jam will do the trick. But oh my goodness, if they have chocolate inside I’m in utter and complete heaven.

Ooo! Fruit or cheese inside make them even more special. There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy these delicate pastries but if you’re vegan or eating dairy-free then croissants probably aren’t really your thing. They have a ridiculous amount of butter in them making them not so very vegan.

So what’s a croissant lovin’ gal to do when a flakey croissant craving comes on? She makes Vegan Croissants, of course. Thanks to vegan butters on the market, this is totally doable. The finished product come out just as magnificent. I wish I could say making vegan croissants was less time consuming that making regular old croissants. Sadly, I cannot.

Vegan Croissants - FoodBabbles.comCroissants are truly a labor of love but they are oh so worth it! Still warm, fresh from the oven, they’re an incredible indulgence. Croissants are wonderful all alone or even better beside a warm bowl of soup. This Vegan Croissant recipe also makes wonderfully fancy sandwich bread. How about croissant French toast? Cinnamon loves croissants.

Oh, and the smell! The smell of golden croissants baking wafts through your entire home, making it so very hard to wait for them to emerge from the oven. But once they do, it’s all been worth the wait and the time that it took to make them. The lightly crisp exterior gives way to layers and layers of tender buttery bread. It’s intoxicatingly delicious.



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