The Weekend Whisk – 11/9/13

by Kate on November 9, 2013

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This has been an exceedingly busy week! It’s been a frenzy of activity and just a blur. So below is the week in review in pictures because right now it’s 10pm on Friday night and I’ve got a double birthday party tomorrow! Yup, Miss Molly turned two this past week and Maddy will be turning 4 less than a week. I cannot believe it! But that means that today as well as tomorrow morning have been all about baking up some sweet treats for the extravaganza.

Speaking of birthdays, Food Babbles turns 3 tomorrow and I have a VERY special gift for you all!! I can’t wait to share it with you so be sure to come back tomorrow.

Super Maddy

Halloween lives on and on in our house. Super Maddy has made daily appearances every day including a trip to the diner for family breakfast. Super Maddy even went to the doctor’s office a firm 6 days after Halloween. All the girls in the office got a kick out of that.

Maddy's New DoI took Maddy to the salon for a little trim this week and viola! She decided she wanted her hair short and she had a very specific idea about what she wanted for her hair. I absolutely love it! I think it just opens up her face so much and she looks so adorable with her hair shorter.


Puppy Snuggles

Puppy Kisses

Molly has been all about cuddling this week with anyone she can hug on. Loving that!

Maple Bacon Chips

I discovered maple bacon potato chips this week. Craaaaaaazy good!!

Meeting Giada

And last but definitely not least, I met Giada De Laurentiis this week!!!

Hope you had a fabulous week and have a wonderful weekend ahead. As always, here’s a recap of what was going on around here this week and what a week it was!



Sweet Potato Pie - FoodBabbles.comSweet Potato Pie

Spiced Cranberry Pear Jam - FoodBabbles.comSpiced Cranberry Pear Jam

Cranberry Apple Sticky Buns - FoodBabbles.comCranberry Apple Sticky Buns

Cranberry Pear Pumpkin Cake - FoodBabbles.comCranberry Pear Pumpkin Cake

and the most popular post of the week was …

Pecan Pie - FoodBabbles.comSouthern Pecan Pie

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suzanne November 9, 2013 at 8:07 am

Love the photo’s and must say Maddy’s hair looks great, I love the shorter look. How exciting that you met Giada, I got a notice of a book signing but can’t go would love to meet her.


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