The Weekend Whisk – 10/12/13

by Kate on October 12, 2013

Beautiful Mums

Happy Saturday! And how could this beautiful bunch of flowers not bring a smile to your face? These flowers were one of the highlights of my week and are currently beautifying the front of my little house. Goes to show that it’s the little things in life because I was all excited that this gigantic bunch of multi-colored mums that are bigger than my toddler were only a whopping $4!! Oh yeah, the savvy shopper in me was doing cartwheels inside.

Dolores' Baby Shower

This week was filled with buzz about all sorts of things. We threw my gorgeous sister-in-law a baby shower. Can you believe that in less than 7 weeks this woman is going to have a baby?!? She’s just one of the most adorable, radiant pregnant women I’ve ever laid eyes on. And check out those heels?? You’re lucky I got out of sneakers when I was pregnant. Clearly, pregnancy agrees with her. I’m thrilled to be an aunt for the second time in just a few months!

First School Trip

Maddy took her very first school trip ever this week and to boot, Daddy chaperoned while Mommy was green with envy at home with Molly. Maddy was SO excited to get to ride on a real school bus for the first time too. They took a trip with Maddy’s classmates to a little farm and went pumpkin picking, played games and painted their pumpkins. Both Maddy and Daddy were exhausted from the festivities once they returned home.


And what were Molly and I doing while those two were out having a fun day of pumpkin picking? Oh we were starting Phase 1 of my DIY kitchen renovation. Well, I’m not sure it’s really a renovation. It’s more of a face lift. Waaaaaay back probably close to a year ago now I started entertaining the idea of sprucing up my kitchen but then never got around to it. Thanks to that water damage issue we had a few months back we had to replace a number of walls and such in our home which now requires me to repaint nearly the whole house so what better time to take on even more work, right? Nuts, I know. But I figure I’ve been living with all this work for months now so why not. The hard part is over, now it’s all about a couple of coats of paint.

Cabinets Before & After DIY Kitchen RenovationI decided to take it to another level though. A fresh coat of paint in a new color is going to do wonders but this week I decided it was time to change my cabinets. SO while Maddy picked and painted pumpkins, I stripped and sanded cabinets. My incredibly thoughtful father-in-law knew what I was up to and stopped by to give me a hand. He stained the cabinets for me and then I finished it off with a few coats of polyurethane. Together, I think we definitely breathed new life into this cabinets. So darker cabinets is Phase 1. Phase 2? Here comes the paint! Phase 3 will involve new light fixtures and pulls on my new dark cabinets. But Phase 4 is my favorite phase and I’ll save that for later. That will be the big “after shot.” My kitchen is tiny and will never be anyone’s dream kitchen but I’m already loving this space more by the minute.

We’re off to do a family pumpkin picking trip today if the weather cooperates for us and I can’t wait! I love autumn, apple picking, pumpkin picking, Halloween! It was so much fun chatting with those of you who weighed in on what Murphy’s costume should be on Instagram and Facebook. Captain Hook took it by a landslide so Molly will be traveling in style as Tinkerbell with her pup pirate. I hope you all had a fabulous week and have a wonderful weekend ahead.

As always, you’ll find a recap of what was going on here on Food Babbles since the last Weekend Whisk.



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suzanne October 12, 2013 at 4:26 pm

Wow, those mums are gorgeous and a real bargain!! Your sister in law is beautiful, you are so right, pregnancy really agree’s with her, I don’t think I have ever seen a more fit and beautiful pregnant lady.


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