Cranberry Orange Galette

December 4, 2015
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Holiday baking is now in full swing! I have nothing but cookies, pies, tarts and cakes on the brain. I’m churning ideas over in my head that I cannot wait to serve family and friends this holiday season. This Cranberry Orange Galette is definitely rocketing to the top of my holiday baking list. Fresh cranberries, […]

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Pumpkin Pie Quinoa

November 13, 2014
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When it comes to breakfast, I always start my day off strong and healthy. If I’m able to start my day off healthy yet somehow feel like I’m indulging, that’s just a bonus. Earlier in the year I tossed together cinnamon-kissed caramelized apples and protein packed quinoa when I made Apple Pie Quinoa. That apple […]

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Blueberry Cream Pie

October 23, 2014
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Today I’m happy to welcome Kristen to Food Babbles. Kristen is the talented dual blogger behind Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker and Just Me, Gluten Free. Phew! I can hardly keep up with writing one food website, let alone two. I “met” Kristen through her first site where she ran a monthly cooking event […]

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Fresh Tomato Quiche

June 17, 2014
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Here in New Jersey we get a bad rap as being stinky, congested, crowded and having a bad attitude. When the cast of Jersey Shore descended upon us, I don’t think that helped our reputation at all either. Sure, we’re highly populated and we do have several areas of our state that are areas of industry […]

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Lemon Lime Buttermilk Tart

May 5, 2014
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Pies and tarts are probably my very favorite thing to bake. They’re so easy to make, to transport and share with family and friends. Most importantly the pie possibilities are endless! Buttermilk is one of my very favorite ingredients. I love the flavor it imparts on whatever it’s poured into. Pie is no exception. Buttermilk pie […]

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Deep Dish Banoffee Pie

April 21, 2014
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Once in a blue moon, I forget things. Forget that I put a load of laundry in the washer only to discover a load of wet clothes still waiting to be dried the next morning. Forget to pack my lunch for work until I’m rushing out the door thinking I’m all ready to go. Sometimes […]

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Frangelico Chocolate Mousse Pie

March 4, 2014
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Fluffy clouds of Bailey’s spiked whipped cream dot the top of this Frangelico chocolate mousse pie which is cradled in a graham cracker crust. This exquisitely grown up version of a pudding pie is perfect for a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration or perhaps for a weekend evening treat. No matter when you choose to make […]

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Healthy Pumpkin Pie Muffins

December 2, 2013
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With the departure of October and November, it seems that the humble pumpkin gets put on the back burner until autumn appears again the next year. Pumpkin season actually extends months longer. Pumpkin pie is a holiday dessert right up until the end of the year yet I seem to see less recipes after November […]

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Sweet Potato Pie

November 4, 2013
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Good Monday morning, Folks! Hang on to your hats cause it’s gonna be a busy week here on Food Babbles. I’ve got bunches of deliciousness coming your way and we are kicking the week off with a classic Sweet Potato Pie. Would you believe that I’ve never tasted sweet potato pie before? Not sure if […]

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Southern Pecan Pie & A Surprise For Amber

August 19, 2013
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Today I have the pleasure of being a guest in celebrating my friend Amber of Bluebonnets & Brownies and the little boy that she has on the way. Surprise Amber!! I met Amber not really by chance but by my design. At first I followed Amber on Twitter and loved her recipes and her tweets. She […]

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Lemon Sponge Pie

July 8, 2013
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Well who know vacations could be so exhausting. I suppose it isn’t really the vacation that’s taken all my get up and go but more the travel. 10 hours in a car with 3 kids makes for a loooooong drive. So who know sitting in a car could be so exhausting? But we’re home and […]

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Crack Pie

June 27, 2013
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If you live on the East Coast in the US, you’ve probably heard of and maybe even visited one of the Momofuku shops. Sydney and Toronto are lucky enough to each have one of these award-winning David Chang restaurants as well. Even if you don’t live near these locations, you’ve likely heard of this iconic […]

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Nutella Mousse Pie

March 18, 2013
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Sometimes I make something and as I take that first bite there’s a taste explosion!! In the next moment I’m hit with the thought, “Oh yeah! This stuff is RIDICULOUSLY good!” This is one of those times. Seriously folks. I’m not kidding, you need this Nutella mousse pie in your life pronto! As if Nutella […]

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Blood Orange Almond Tart

March 14, 2013
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Recently I mentioned on my Facebook page how excited I was because I came across some blood oranges at my local farmers market. I have the hardest time finding blood oranges so you better believe, I scooped a bunch up. The season for blood oranges is pretty much over sadly, but I was fortunate enough […]

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Orange Ricotta Tart

February 7, 2013
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Sometimes as I sit down to write, I’m met with the dreaded writer’s block. I stare at the vast, white screen before me with only the never-ending blink of the cursor awaiting my words. It’s that cursor, sitting… waiting, that makes it even harder for something to come to me. Today is one of those […]

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