Peppermint Bark Dip

December 17, 2018
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Sometimes you make something so addictively delicious you almost want to hoard the whole thing for yourself. This Peppermint Bark Dip recipe is most definitely one of those recipes. But THEN … then, that recipe is also so stupid easy to make. That’s when you realize, this is a holiday recipe win/win people. Normally I’m all […]

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Crostini with Apples, Prosciutto & Sage

December 20, 2016
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**Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cavit through my relationship with Honest Cooking. All the opinions expressed here are my own.** It’s the holiday season and most definitely a favorite time of year for me. There’s so much going on, family and friends to see and entertaining to do. I love having people over during […]

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NJ Lottery & Other Easy Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List This Holiday Season!

December 2, 2016
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**Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by New Jersey Lottery through my relationship with Blog Meets Brand. I was provided with tickets by the New Jersey Lottery and compensated for this post however, all opinions expressed here are my own. Disclaimer: You must be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket. Parents are urged to think […]

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Apple Cake

March 24, 2016
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**This post was originally shared way back in February of 2011 when Food Babbles was a mere baby blog. This classic apple cake recipe is one that has stood the test of time. I thought it high time to dust it off, take some new pictures and share it with you again. This cake is […]

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Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

February 8, 2016
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Ice cream is by far, my very favorite sweet treat and this Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream is a scrumptious addition to the Babbles ice cream arsenal. Smooth, creamy sweet cream cheese ice cream is churned with moist, cocoa-y red velvet cake cubes. If you love red velvet cake as much as I do, this […]

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Maple Old Fashioned Cocktail

December 18, 2015
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I’m not gonna lie. I’m a gal who really enjoys a good cocktail. No, I’m not a lush by any means but I appreciate a well made cocktail and enjoy leisurely sipping on one while out to dinner or during a special occasion with family or friends. If that cocktail is a spin off an […]

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Italian Easter Bread

April 12, 2014
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Only recently I discovered Italian Easter Bread. A girlfriend of mine and I were talking about family traditions. Being Italian she told me all about a slight sweet, brioche-type bread braided with colorful eggs nestled inside, just peeking out like eggs hidden for Easter. Her grandmother used to make it each year for the holiday. […]

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25 Special Cookies For The Holidays

December 19, 2013
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The holidays are a time to celebrate faith, celebrate family, reconnect with friends and focus on all we have to be thankful for. The holidays also happen to be a time for cookies! Cookies and lots of them. As we gather with family and friends, there are often a platter of holiday cookies of all […]

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Cinnamon Hot Cocoa In A Jar

December 9, 2013
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It’s official folks. The holiday season is in full swing and it’s all about parties, eating, time spent with family, friends and of course, shopping for gifts. Being a gal who loooooves food, receiving a gift that is edible is the perfect gift. If it’s handmade, even better! A caring, thoughtful gift that I can […]

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Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting – Improv Challenge

February 21, 2013
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Oh how I truly wish that the Improv Challenge reveal day could have been just a bit earlier this month, about a week earlier to be exact. How perfect would these cupcakes have been for your valentine?? Our two ingredients for Improv Challenge this month were Hearts & Flours. Kristen has such a sense of […]

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Peppermint Rice Krispie Treats

January 3, 2013
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It’s a brand new year and with that comes change and resolutions. So many resolutions involve eating healthier, losing weight, or exercising more. If your resolution sounds something like that, I suppose you can eat these virtually guilt-free since 3/4 of the ingredients are fat-free. Right? At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I […]

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Champagne Bread – #TwelveLoaves

December 31, 2012
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It’s time to ring in the new year and what better way to do that than to pop some bubbly! Champagne that is. I adore champagne. I love any occasion grand enough to cause cold frosted bottles of champagne to emerge from the selves of a cool refrigerator. With the new year upon us I’m […]

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The Weekend Whisk – 12/29/12

December 29, 2012
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Happy Saturday! Are you all recuperated from the holidays? Hope you all had a special time filled with family, friends and happy memories were made. We had a wonderful Christmas. Honestly, this was one of the best. Seeing both Maddy and Molly dive into presents and surprisingly, sharing one another’s new toys. HB was more […]

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Peppermint Chocolate Cake

December 28, 2012
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Peppermint and chocolate together are one of my favorite flavor combinations. There’s just something about smooth, velvety chocolate paired with cool, refreshing peppermint that is oh so nice. Peppermint patties are one of my all-time favorite candies, so much so that I had to try to recreate them. (SO easy to do!) They are closely […]

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Panettone – Daring Bakers’

December 27, 2012
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It’s no secret around here these days that I’ve made a complete 360 with regard to my feeling on yeast, doughs and all things in the bread family. Once a hater of anything that involved working with yeast, required me to knead or get my hands sticky with dough. I’m a convert which you all […]

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