Chocolate Chip Cherry Swirl Muffins ~ #MuffinMonday

May 14, 2012

This week’s muffin assignment was a chocolate chip muffin with a peanut butter swirl. Immediately my mouth started watering however, as you all know peanuts are a gigantic “NO!” in our house. So I started thinking about how I might adapt the recipe. As I scanned my cabinets and fridge, my first thought (as it […]

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Cherry-Pistachio Nougat

March 29, 2012

In the past the extent of my nougat consumption experiences have mostly consisted of the type that come in a few well-known candy bars and I’ve been okay with that. I don’t know that I’ve ever had any burning desire to seek out anything more. That is until I finally caught up on my recent […]

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Tart Cherry Mini Pockets with Goat Cheese

February 28, 2012

Over at Kitchen Play for this month’s Progressive Party, they’re celebrating National Cherry Month with the Cherry Marketing Institute. Cherries are one of my very favorite fruits so when I saw that I had to get in on the party. According to the Cherry Marketing Institute’s site, “Research has linked tart cherries to anti-inflammatory benefits, reduced […]

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Cherry Amaretto Tart

July 23, 2011
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My new favorite site is … Actually, to be more correct Serious Eats isn’t a new love for me. It’s an incredible site to feast your eyes on and I’ve frequented it now for some time however Serious Eats: Sweets is my new favorite place to land on their site. It’s filled with sugary […]

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Cherry Clafouti

June 24, 2011

I often come across “new to me” words as I peruse recipes. Even more often I look at these words, puzzled and then have to figure out how in the world do you pronounce that and what is it?? Clafouti. I was not familiar with this word or the delicious fruity custardy dessert until just […]

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Mason Jar Pies… A Little Bit Of Heaven!

April 30, 2011
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Lately, on more than one occasion I’ve read about or heard mention of things baked in mason jars. I’ve read about cupcakes, cobblers, even quick breads. The idea of having the perfect personal portion to pop into the oven seems so genius to me. Then I heard about pies baked in little jars and I […]

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