Pickled Beet Pesto

May 26, 2017
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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loooooooved avocados! What’s not to love? Avocados are amazing. Smooth, creamy deliciousness. Perfect in salads, pureéd into sauce, avocado toast anyone? Avocados are so versatile and of course, tasty. Spoiler alert. I’m that girl with the avocado love affair. So the other night, I’m out to […]

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Peach Basil Upside Down Crumb Cake

July 26, 2016
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**Disclosure: I was provided with the gorgeous new Nordic Ware Fruit Tartine for the purposes of writing this post. I was not compensated in any other way by Nordic Ware for my work. I truly love their products and know you will too!** Every summer I get all jazzed about the arrival of fresh, ripe peaches. Few things […]

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Quinoa with Tomatoes, Basil & Feta

July 21, 2016
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**This post originally appeared on Food Babbles in January of 2011. A quick facelift with some new pictures and I thought it high time that I reshare this lovely Quinoa with Tomatoes, Basil & Feta recipe with you. Enjoy!** It’s that time of the year. The time of the year when we’re all still meticulously […]

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Balsamic Salmon Quinoa Salad

May 2, 2016
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Okay, this is officially my very favorite go-to recipe lately and I don’t know why I haven’t shared it sooner! This Balsamic Salmon Quinoa Salad is hearty, flavorful and healthy. It’s a recipe trifecta! Oven roasted salmon is tossed with nutty quinoa, ripe tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, basil and more. A splash of balsamic vinegar and […]

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Caprese Panini

September 29, 2015
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Lunch tends to be the most difficult meal of the day for me. Sure, if there are leftovers from dinner the night before then I’m golden! I love when I’ve made a big tray of Pizza Pasta because I know my lunch the next day is going to be absolutely fantastic. Few things in life […]

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Parmesan Pesto Swirl Rolls

August 19, 2014
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Let’s talk rolls people because these Parmesan Pesto Swirl Rolls are my new favorite. Tender dough swirled with pesto, parmesan cheese and sun dried tomatoes. Each bite is filled with amazing flavor. These rolls aren’t wallflowers. They’re in your face taste and you’ll love every moment of it. These swill rolls are easy to make […]

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Strawberry Cucumber & Basil Infused Vodka

August 13, 2014
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I don’t think it’s any secret that I appreciate a festive cocktail on occasion. In these summer months, I especially like sitting on the back deck entertaining friends with a cool drink in hand. Each time we have company over I try to make something extra special. Making infused spirits adds a unique homemade touch […]

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Fresh Tomato Quiche

June 17, 2014
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Here in New Jersey we get a bad rap as being stinky, congested, crowded and having a bad attitude. When the cast of Jersey Shore descended upon us, I don’t think that helped our reputation at all either. Sure, we’re highly populated and we do have several areas of our state that are areas of industry […]

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Roasted Garlic, Tomato, & Basil Filled Pane Bianco

June 28, 2013
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It feel like FOREVER since I baked this bread. You may recall seeing this bread on Instagram or Facebook a month or so ago. Since then I’ve actually made this bread twice more because it’s just THAT good. This Roasted Garlic, Tomato & Basil Filled Pane Bianco is bread that truly could just be a […]

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Lemon Basil Blueberry Swirl Cake – #Bundtamonth

June 7, 2013
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Today marks a very special and important day. Today is my 5th wedding anniversary! Five wonderful years filled with happiness, laughter, music, sharing, dancing, children, vacations, relaxing nights by the fire, and so much more. I feel so very blessed to be married to the most incredible man I’ve ever known.We were casual friends for […]

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Strawberry Basil Margarita

April 22, 2013
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I’m all for a great night out. I love any occasion to shed my normal uniform of jeans and t-shirts stained with food, paint, glue and whatever other stickiness may adhere to me from a day with my girls. So when I get a girls night out I love dressing up and perhaps donning a sexy […]

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4 Cheese Italian Caprese Grilled Cheese – #CheeseChatter

April 21, 2013
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There are few things in life more simple and perfect than the humble grilled cheese sandwich. Crisp, golden bread sandwiching scrumptious, melty cheese and with those two ingredients alone this humble sandwich is already something special. When I was invited to participate in Kitchen PLAY‘s “30 Days of Grilled Cheese” event, I jumped at the […]

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Watermelon Gazpacho & The Weekend Whisk ~ #FirstOnTheFirst

September 1, 2012
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Soon we will be bidding summer a fond farewell. Some of us will be sending it off and not looking back, ready to be rid of the horrific heat waves that wafted over the country this year. I won’t be too sad to see summer go, not because I was miserable in the heat but […]

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Basil Pots de Creme with Balsamic Strawberry Reduction

August 30, 2012
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I love herbs in unexpected places, like desserts or drinks. I think they have this wonderful way of enhancing sweets in a way you that wouldn’t expect. Basil is one of my very favorite herbs. It’s so fresh and I want to eat it in everything. So I was perusing one of my very favorite sites and came […]

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Vanilla Blackberry Basil Jam, The Weekend Whisk & A Giveaway!

July 14, 2012
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I don’t know about you, but I love fresh jams. I’m always intrigued by people who make their own from scratch. Any time I’m at a flea market or event that sells artisan goods, I’m always stock up on homemade jams or preserves. For many years now, I’ve been telling myself “This is the year! […]

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