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So this weekend we had absolutely nothing on the agenda which is a rarity. With a day open to endless possibilities we decided to venture into Brooklyn to check out Smorgasburg. Just over the Williamsburg Bridge is a flea market that’s all about food. Yes, that’s my kind of market!

See those tents in the distance? Yep, that

Smorgasburg brings together New York State Greenmarket farmers, top New York chefs plus hundreds of vendors all on the Williamsburg waterfront every Saturday morning during the summer. The range of food available for you to taste is incredible! Everything from Mexican cemitas to Vietnamese cuisine to mouth-watering burgers. In addition to the food available for your immediate munching there are vendors selling all sorts of food products. We came across a tent selling all things ostrich, including eggs and even jerky.

There were vendors selling sweets such as cookies, cupcakes and macaroons. Others still were selling homemade beef jerky, mustards, fresh vegetables and fruit, dried beans and pastas, marinades… anything you can think of, it’s available at Smorgasburg.

The Brooklyn Bean Company

For me it was all about jams and preserves. My favorite vendor of the day was definitely Anarchy in a Jar. With such an awesome name, I had to stop and check them out. The girls at the tent were so sweet and knowledgable about their product. They took the time to answer all the customers questions and tell about the jams. I noticed throughout the day there were always people gathered around their tent and with good reason!

Anarchy in a Jar

I sampled their Strawberry Balsamic Jam as well as the Hot Fireman’s Pear Jam with Chipotle & Cinnamon. Both were so very good! It made it hard to decide which was going to come home with me. The balsamic vinegar brought out the sweetness of the strawberries and is one of my favorite flavor combinations while the pear with chipotle and cinnamon had such a nice warmth to it. I already had visions of pairing these wonderful jams with breads and cheeses. In the end I nestled a jar of the pear jam in my bag and I can’t wait to savor every last bit of it.


Next we discovered Rick’s Picks which was clearly Maddy’s favorite. Rick’s Picks is all about pickling and she is a huge fan of pickles. We gave the sour pickles a try as well as the pickled red peppers. They were so deliciously sour. Then there were the Hotties. Sriracha-habanero pickles. Wow!!!! Spicy and delicious. The best thing about their tent is they offered big pickles on a stick. That was right up Maddy’s aisle. She happily chomped on that while we continued to stroll.

It doesn

We decided to start sampling some of the prepared foods. Lately, the pregnancy cravings have been steering me towards Mexican food. For the last three days I’ve wanted it in the worst way!! I had yet to give into that craving but with so many great choices… now was the time. I needed strong flavors!! We made a stop at Bocata for a chorizo sandwich. Then later we hit up Cemitas for some taquitos. Both were excellent choices and I left very satisfied. Honestly, Smorgasburg makes me wish I had a bigger stomach. I wanted to try everything!

Cemitas Mexican Sandwiches & Tacos

These Taquitos Really Hit The Spot!

Lastly, I came across another vendor with delectable jams, marmalade and preserves. That vendor was Maiden Preserves. With flavors like Strawberry & Verbena, Orange & Bourbon, and Lemon & Vanilla Bean it was another place I just needed to sample. I’m so glad I did. Wonderful flavors and one jar of Lemon & Vanilla Bean got nestled in my bag beside my jar of Pear Jam from Anarchy in a Jar.

Maiden Preserves

Smorgasburg is such a unique type of flea market. Throughout the day, the vendors change and multiply. Just when you think you’ve seen in all and you’re ready to pack it in to head home, there’s more to taste and try. What a great morning and definitely a place that I need to return to in the near future.


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Maranda July 14, 2011 at 4:25 pm

This is such an awesome thing to have experienced! I wish I could find something like that around here. Though, it probably wouldn’t be hard to find in Austin. I just have to look. Maybe I’ll look AFTER baby comes.

The strawberry balsamic jam sounds amazing!!! And Maddy is so cute with the pickle the size of her head! That’s my kind of snack too!!


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