Rose & Lavender Macarons

by Kate on May 4, 2015

Rose & Lavender Honey Macarons -

Mother’s Day is by far one of my very favorite holidays. You may be thinking, “Really? Christmas, Thanksgiving, sure … but Mother’s Day?” I don’t get to sleep in or get overly pampered, but I do get showered with extra love, kisses, cards and flowers. It’s a special day where everyone shows those special ladies in their life a little extra attention and acknowledges all that moms do every day. These are some of my favorite things, but the number one thing that makes Mother’s Day a top holiday for me is brunch.

Rose & Lavender Honey Macarons - FoodBabbles.comEvery year I host a brunch for the moms in my life to make sure that they relax and get a little something extra special this day. I show people that I love them through food so Mother’s Day brunch is spread of foods make with love. I like to make a variety of things like my fresh tomato quiche. Herbed eggs with cheese and fresh tomatoes baked in a flaky crust that’s perfect for brunch!

Rose & Lavender Honey Macarons - FoodBabbles.comI also enjoy serving a light cocktail, muffins and balsamic fruit salad is a simple way to incorporate fresh fruit to the spread. But my favorite thing to add to a brunch made just for Mom is a little something sweet. Nothing too over the top or rich, just something bite-size sweet. French macarons fit this requirement perfectly and make brunch a little more special. Have you ever made them before? This year I’m making these Rose & Lavender Macarons. I can remember being intimidated by these fancy cookies – but today, I’ve got you covered thanks to the Silpat Macaron Kit.

Rose & Lavender Honey Macarons -

This all-in-one has everything you need to easily make beautiful, dainty macarons in your own kitchen. A pastry bag, gel food colors, piping tips and recipes from master pastry chef, Fancois Payard. But my favorite thing in this kit is the special Silpat. Do you see all those little circles on the sheet? Those circles mean that you will have perfect, uniform macarons each time you make them. Thanks to the nonstick power of Silpat, you’ll have no trouble removing your macaron shells at all. Having a Silpat macaron baking sheet also means they’ll each be baked perfectly with consistent results each time. This thing is awesome!

In addition to this helpful kit, here are a few pointers that I consider most important if this is your first time making French macarons.

1) You MUST weigh your ingredients. You cannot scoop, you cannot eyeball or approximate. So break out your kitchen scale.

2) Be sure to scrape around the entire 360 degrees of you bowl well a few times as you make the macaron batter. You want all your meringue to be incorporated.

3) Always give your baking trays a couple of good firm whacks on a flat surface to release air bubbles before you put them in the oven.

Rose & Lavender Honey Macarons - FoodBabbles.comThanks to this nifty kit, this year for our Mother’s Day brunch I’ll be serving two pretty macarons to the moms in my life inspired by the floral bouquets each of us get each year. The first are Rose Macarons filled with smooth buttercream. The addition of rose water adds floral notes that are light and sweet. Next, I made Lavender Honey Macarons. I love gently using lavender in baked goods which is balanced so nicely by honey buttercream filling. Whether you enjoy one or both versions of these Rose & Lavender Macarons recipe, you’re sure to impress Mom and make her feel very special this Mother’s Day.

Win your very own Mother’s Day Macaron Set from Silpat!


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Joanna December 22, 2017 at 7:01 am

Looks delicious.


Kate January 25, 2018 at 9:58 pm



Ariana August 20, 2018 at 2:17 pm

Hello! I love this recipe but I was wondering how many eggs is 5 ounces of Egg Whites! Thanks!


Kate September 8, 2018 at 3:18 pm

Hello Ariana! Macarons are really an exact science. I’ve been though MANY fails! SO I make sure to weigh everything when making them so you should really measure out exactly 5 ounce of egg whites in a measuring cup to make sure you hopefully get wonderfully perfect macarons. Therefore, I can’t say exactly how many eggs it might end up being.


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