Brioche Jam Rolls

by Kate on June 26, 2016

Brioche Jam Rolls -

Know what I love? What I really really love? Brunch. There’s few things better than waking up slowly with no alarm then lounging in bed a little longer then lazily rising at my leisure. A hot cup of coffee and reading the morning paper starts the day off on a stress free note. A nice, long warm shower and slip on a cute, comfy outfit. Then I absolutely loooooove meeting up with friends for brunch. Not quite breakfast, not quite lunch. Perhaps there are mimosas involved? Oh yes, there are most definitely mimosas! This is the way to weekend.

Did I mention I have 3 children, two of whom are quite small? Do you know that little people do not appreciate the wonder that is brunch? I seriously need to educate them. So truth be told, the days of leisurely rising are long gone. As much as I love the picture of weekends before kids, I also love being woken up early by a little girl with a crazy mop of red curls climbing into bed with me. There’s still lounging in bed but now it involved cuddles with is way better in my book.

Brioche Jam Rolls -

Brunch these days isn’t quite as relaxing and leisurely but we still love to brunch at home as a family. Brunch starts a little earlier but still involves a slower pace, a hot cup of coffee and of course, good food. These Brioche Jam Rolls are just the way to start your weekend. They’re soft and golden. They’re only slightly sweet and have a nice buttery flavor. A little dollop of orange marmalade makes them extra special.

Not a fan of orange marmalade? Add a bit of whatever jam strikes your fancy. My favorite jam on brioche is Balsamic Strawberry Jam. The balsamic vinegar isn’t an overwhelming flavor and brightens the natural sweetness of the strawberries. It’s simply heavenly and add a special touch to any brunch. This dough can be made the night before then simply shaped and baked while you read the Sunday paper sipping coffee. So this week, whip up this Brioche Jam Rolls recipe and enjoy a stay at home brunch this weekend.



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