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Welcome to Food Babbles! Mother, life-saver (AKA: paramedic), fitness fanatic, baker, dessert-maker, photographer, writer and recipe developer with a huge passion for good food. Food Babbles is a recipe website where you’ll find freshly baked breads, savory eats, unique sweets and more, all while striking a balance of healthy, good for you recipes with the occasional indulgence.I’d love to hear from you!! You can always email me at Kate {at} FoodBabbles {dot} com or if you’d like to work together you can learn more about ways we can collaborate HERE.

Throughout my posts, over on Instagram and more, you’ll hear mention of many of the same people over and over so let me introduce you to everybody else around here!

Mike (my husband) ~ 


Yep, he’s pretty hot stuff!! He’s my biggest fan and always has my back. Mike is actually the reason Food Babbles even exists. He encouraged me to share my cooking and baking with all of you and even came up with the name. Mike is also the world’s pickiest eater which you’ll hear me mention more than once. His diet pretty much consists of pizza, chicken parm, hamburgers and a TON of ice cream. We are polar opposites on the food spectrum. That makes things challenging sometimes. 

Maddy & Molly

Maddy is my 8-year-old daughter. She’s strong willed, emotional, fiercely independent and so very sweet. She’s also incredibly funny and just overflowing with personality. She has a wild imagination and is so inventive. She’s my chief taster for sure. She samples everything while it’s still warm and lets me know if it’s worthy of posting or not. In addition to being a taste tester, Maddy is also blossoming into quite the little baker. I hope as she grows, she enjoys baking and cooking as much as I do.

Molly is the baby of the family. She’s a 6-year-old that is easy to please and just goes with the flow. She’s also quite the wild woman.  She climbs on anything that will stand still. She, much like her big sister Maddy, is quite the gymnast. Flipping and cartwheels are a daily activity. Of course, she loves to give me a hand in the kitchen. I love that baking and cooking has become such a family affair!

HB ~ 

HB WinterHania is my oldest daughter, who at 20-years-old has grown into such a beautiful, talented young lady. HB is her abbreviated nickname, from Hania Bean. When she was a baby and was sleeping, she would curl up in such a way that she looked like a little bean. As she’s gotten older, we have abbreviated it since she is now a teenager and being called “Hania Bean” by your mom is just not cool. 😉 HB has definitely got the cooking gene. She loves making dinner as well as baking. She’s always helping me as well as coming up with some great ideas of new things we can make together.


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