Holiday Gifts For The Baker In Your Life!

by Kate on November 30, 2015

Gifts For The Baker In Your Life -
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With the feast of Thanksgiving over, people are promptly moving on with preparations for all the winter holidays that are now quickly approaching. I know I’ve kicked my Christmas shopping into high gear in the hopes of getting the perfect gift for each person on my list. Being a baker myself, I know there are a few things that the baker in your life will be thrilled to receive. Here are just a few of my favorite things to help you find that perfect item for the baker on your list.

Dessert & Baking SaltsDessert & Baking Salts

These unique salts take the delightful sweet and salty combination to a whole new level. With unique flavors like Vanilla Lavender Salt, Espresso Salt and Rose Peppercorn Salt, these will thrill the baker in your life as they finish off their baked goods in an intriguing new way.

Marble Rolling PinMarble Rolling Pin

A beautiful marble rolling pin will make rolling out pastry dough or cookie dough a total breeze. Not only is a marble rolling pin sturdy, heavy and bound to last a lifetime, they’re also cold. A marble rolling pin won’t transfer heat to the dough your rolling out. They can even be chilled in the fridge before using for even less heat transfer giving your dough the perfect roll.

Nordic Ware Snowflake Shortbread PanNordic Ware Snowflake Shortbread Pan

Crisp, buttery shortbread is wonderful no matter how it’s shaped but imprinting a gorgeous snowflake design makes shortbread feel extra special for the holidays. Made from cast aluminum, it’s light, non-stick and will create a uniform, beautiful cookie every time. Perfect for entertaining or for your holiday cookie swap!

Sassafras Superstone ClocheSassafras Superstone La Cloche Round Bread Cloche

This unglazed stone bakeware is one of my very favorite tools for baking bread. It’s the perfect vessel for both proofing and baking bread. It creates the most beautiful crust with a soft interior. This cloche distributes the heat evenly while the porous surface absorbs moisture to create that golden crust.

Nordic Ware Chiffon Bundt PanNordic Ware Chiffon Bundt 

I have a total love affair with bundt pans. I collect retro bundt pans as a hobby and of all the cakes to be made, I love the versatility of baking a bundt cake. It’s such a classic cake with endless flavor and filling possibilities as we as endless ways to change the appearance of that cake thanks to beautifully shaped bundt pans like this Nordic Ware Chiffon Bundt pan, part of the Cast Aluminum Bakeware Series.

Baking with this pan provides superior baking performance and beautiful detailed results. Just look at those beautiful scallops! I love the design of this pan and how unique it makes my cakes look. The presentation of a cake baked in this pan is always met with ooo’s and ahh’s. Just like my large collection of Nordic Ware bundt pans, the non-stick coating results in a cake that always cooks evenly and slides out easily. This pan is durable and has a lifetime warranty.

Nordic Ware, founded in 1946—they are close to their 70th year in business! Family owned and operated too. You can find Nordic Ware on Instagram • Facebook • Twitter or at!

**Disclosure: I was provided with one Chiffon Bundt at no cost to me for the purposes of this review. The opinions expressed here are my own.**



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