Cookies & Cream Monkey Bread

by Kate on September 17, 2016

Cookies & Cream Monkey Bread -
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Some things in life are just so classic that they bring back vivid memories. Growing up, my grandmother would always bring monkey bread to our house when she came to visit for Christmas. We called it finger bread because you were able to pull off those small bite size pieces of dough and eat them with your fingers.

Being small I, of course thought it was “Nana’s Finger Bread.” Like she invented monkey bread and it was something only she knew how to make. Flash forward to adulthood, I now know that my dear old Nan did not invent monkey bread but I still stand by my childhood opinion that my grandmother certainly makes the best “finger bread.”

These days, my grandmother and I live many states away from each other but I carry on the tradition of making the monkey bread each Christmas morning, carrying on that tradition with my own family as well as delivering it to my brother who wholeheartedly still expects his “Nana’s Finger Bread” each and every year.

While monkey bread always reminds me of my grandmother, Christmas morning and family holidays, I love enjoying it at other times of the year. Truth be told, I have a small monkey bread addiction. My very favorite non-traditional version is my Cherry Cheesecake Monkey Bread. Talk about decadent! Plump sweet cherries, graham cracker coated dough bites and plenty of cheesecake icing draped over the top. Insanely good!

Or how about something a little more savory? Stuffed Garlic Monkey Bread is like cheesy garlic bread pizza in pull apart form! Little bites of soft dough filled with melty mozzarella and rolled in butter, garlic and herbs then baked to perfection. Dip in a little marinara sauce and you’re good to go.

Cookies & Cream Monkey Bread -

They’re so wonderful and they’re so easy to make! My kids love making them and I love that it’s a baking project they can do all on their own. In fact, it was the littlest of my three girls that made this Cookies and Cream Monkey Bread before you today. For this version, pieces of dough mingle with melted chocolate, white chocolate and crushed Oreo cookies. It’s all topped off with a sweetened cream cheese icing for an amazing cookies and cream effect.

Take A Bigger Bite…

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