Chocolate Macarons with Balsamic Ganache

by Kate on June 22, 2012

What is Monthly Miettes, you may ask? Well, as you have already probably figured out I have involved myself is yes, another monthly baking project. I hope you will love this monthly installment as much as I anticipate enjoying participating in it. There’s a little cookbook called Miette by Meg Ray, named after her pastry shop in San Francisco.

How cute is this place?!?

This cookbook is a compilation of her tried and true recipes, and contains invaluable instruction on the finer techniques in cake baking and decorating.

Amy of Food Je t’Aimee decided she wanted to bake her way through this darling little cookbook with scalloped edges and give herself as well as others, a challenge. These recipes are definitely challenging which is also the reason I want to be a part of this project. We won’t publish the recipes because trust me, you want to own this cookbook!














The recipes are gorgeous and it’s something that you will want to add to your collection. Oh and there’s one more rule! After we make our creation, you MUST eat a bit of it for breakfast. Yes, breakfast! Why? You’ll have to watch this video to understand. Prepare to be enamoured!

So for this month we were assigned Parisian Macarons on page 145. There were many variations. As you know, I’ve made macarons before with varying levels of success. I have to tell you. Meg’s recipe will be the only one you need to have macaron success. As I read the recipe, it differed from ones I’ve used in the past and it almost seemed too easy. She also says to let your macarons sit out for 2 hours before baking. If you’ve ever tried to make macarons, you know there’s a wealth of knowledge on the internet and they all contradict one another. Some say let your macarons sit 30 minutes, an hour or not at all. You just have to give it a go and figure out what works for you. For me, this is my new go-to recipe. It was easy and resulted in nearly flawless macarons.

Once I mixed up the batter, I started to have my doubts about success. It looked so different from my batter in the past. It was much thicker. Then it occurred to me, perhaps I’ve had the macaron batter consistency all wrong before? I decided to just go with it. I piped circles onto my parchment lined baking sheets and set them in the oven. I closed the door and hoped for the best. A few minutes later, I opened the oven and removed my chocolatey macarons. Behold, perfection! I had feet!

I made her lovely chocolate ganache to which I added a little balsamic vinegar and filled the macarons. My first month with Monthly Miettes was officially a huge success. I cannot wait to see what next month will hold! If you’d like to join in with us, get yourself a copy of this dainty cookbook then head on over and drop Amy a line.

*Do you have a favorite cookbook? This is definitely my new favorite.